I adore Cathy! She is extremely talented at what she does. I like that she is about healing and not fixing.

- AN

Looking for a new you? An answer to “Why me?” or just asking for “Help!” Cathy is a complete genius, she turned my whole life around. She showed me that answers come from within. You can have a positive perspective and calmly deal with life’s problems. You can be in a healthy relationship and even maintain challenging family connections and stay emotionally safe. Cathy’s thoughtful and compassionate nature will help you realize that you are not the victim but the champion of your own life. She helps you find your inner strength and guides you to empowerment. She believes in you as you travel on your journey to self-awareness. She celebrates with you as your self-respect and self-confidence increase. Cathy is wonderful with children too, kind, patient and understanding. My whole family is in a better place because we experienced her giftedness as a therapist. I tell her that I wish everyone and every family could have their own personal Cathy! As with me, it all starts with you, making that phone call to Cathy.

- JB