A little about me

My practice focuses on a mind, body, and spirit approach to psychotherapy. I pride myself on concentrating on what is right with my clients as opposed to what is wrong. I place a high priority on shining a light on my clients’ best self as I appreciate that we are all beautifully unique individuals.

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  • I work at the University of Colorado and have referred a number of students to Cathy over the years. She is an incredibly skilled and caring therapist. Several students have come back to tell me that she changed their lives.

    - Anon

  • Cathy Cohn is a remarkable therapist. She has treated my college age son, who lives far from home, in the wake of his father’s death and family issues. She has guided him through his grief, depression and personal challenges, revealing my son to himself along the way and helping him draw strength and self awareness from difficulty. Cathy has also offered me support and guidance in shepherding my son through these past few years. She is intelligent, insightful and intuitive, yet also practical and realistic. Finding Cathy was the light at the end of a long dark tunnel and she was the key to unlocking my son’s defenses and helping him move forward. She radiates warmth and hopefulness and my family owes her a great debt of gratitude.

    - Susan, parent of young adult in Cathy’s practice

  • Looking for a new you? An answer to “Why me?” or just asking for “Help!” Cathy is a complete genius, she turned my whole life around. She showed me that answers come from within. You can have a positive perspective and calmly deal with life’s problems. You can be in a healthy relationship and even maintain challenging family connections and stay emotionally safe. Cathy’s thoughtful and compassionate nature will help you realize that you are not the victim but the champion of your own life. She helps you find your inner strength and guides you to empowerment. She believes in you as you travel on your journey to self-awareness. She celebrates with you as your self-respect and self-confidence increase. Cathy is wonderful with children too, kind, patient and understanding. My whole family is in a better place because we experienced her giftedness as a therapist. I tell her that I wish everyone and every family could have their own personal Cathy! As with me, it all starts with you, making that phone call to Cathy.

    - JB

  • Cathy is an amazing therapist and confidant. She continues to help me through life’s ups and downs. I am a better person for seeing her. Cathy’s approach to therapy has been a perfect match for me. Thank you Cathy!!

    - Anon

  • I adore Cathy! She is extremely talented at what she does. I like that she is about healing and not fixing.

    - AN

  • Therapy’ and ‘counseling’ don’t necessarily cover what Cathy does in her practice. My daughter and I have seen Cathy intermittently over a two-year period and in that time we have covered everything from getting my teenager daughter to not leave a bowl of noodles under her bed to “ferment”, to our spiritual potential on Earth and beyond. Believe it or not, it’s somehow all connected. Connections are what Cathy makes, and as we learned, none are too small and none are without value. Our time with Cathy keeps us mindful of perspective and trust which has been an enormous blessing to our family as a whole.

    - Michael

  • I appreciate that Cathy is an active participant in my therapy process. She does not just ask “how does that make you feel” over and over again. She is dedicated to offering personalized therapy while tailoring her methods to my needs and personality. Cathy both challenges and comforts me, as the situation dictates. She has helped me gain the confidence to make some life changing decisions. I am a healthier and happier person because she has been in my life.

    - Melanie

  • The work I do with Cathy can be difficult at times, but it is incredibly rewarding. She has just the right mix of empathy, insight, and calling me out on my excuses. She has helped me improve my relationships and my life.

    - Anon.

  • I could talk about how wonderful Cathy is all day.  What I would like to mention, however, is how Cathy has helped me to believe that I, myself, am wonderful.  Cathy has taught me that the beauty that I see in the world actually lives inside of me.  She is a teacher, not a preacher, and there is a distinct difference.  She is able to see her clients’ best attributes and celebrate them.  One of the reasons that Cathy is able to inspire hope in others is because she genuinely cares about her clients.  In return, it is impossible not to reciprocate this feeling.  What you are left with is a safe and nurturing environment to grow, glow, and move your life in a healthy direction. . .with the help of a friend.

    - M.P.

  • Cathy not only helped me with my transitions in oh-so-many life changes, but she also became an integral piece of those changes. My personal growth quadrupled and my lifetime traumas became blips on the radar screen of life. If there are dog whisperers and horse whisperers, why can’t we have people whisperers? Cathy is mine.

    - April Simmons

  • It is difficult to sum up everything that Cathy has done for me in the time that I have been seeing her, or to fully express what an amazing therapist she is.  However, I can confidently say that without her counsel, strong support, and influence I would not be where I am today. The lessons I have learned from her changed my life for the better. I utilize these lessons every day, and will continue to. Cathy has given me the gift of learning to live mindfully, authentically and honestly. My experience with her has been renewing and profound, I have such deep gratitude and respect for her. Cathy is a phenomenal therapist.

    - Lindsey

  • Worthy…..Enough…..Peace…..Truth.   Cathy has guided my path of soul healing through generations of shame and doubt towards love, life, and possibility. I  am eternally grateful.

    - D.M.F.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther King Jr.